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After ten years as a documentary photographer and eight years spent with various non-profit organizations, Eva Silverman discovered graphic design as her niche in the non-profit world and has never looked back.

Working in graphic design as a professional has reconnected her to the times she used graphic design earlier in life; producing a cut and paste, five issue (maga)zine in the late 1990’s, designing flyers for community organizing ventures and WOZQ from 1998 – 2002, and helping re-design her former employer Workplace Fairness’s website, which was nominated for a Webby Award in 2007 for it’s design and functionality.

The launch of Pushcart Design was a natural progression, connecting the composition of photography with the aesthetics and layout of graphic design.

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We all have a story and this is mine. Pushcart peddlers are trusted mobile local merchant with strong entrepreneurial and DIY (do it yourself) spirits. Their services, whether providing household staples in the turn of the century, or graphic design services today, bridge the gap between their customers and the outside world.

The name Pushcart Design is an homage to stories told by my grandma Gladys who came to this country in 1920 at age 10, and settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. At 15, she dropped out of school and went to work in a factory sweatshop to support her family. I credit my devotion to social justice and the belief that good design can change the world to her. Thank you, Gladys.

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We believe that good design can change the world.

We think about design more than we realize. Design style dictates what you wear each day and the colors that fill your closet. Design has the power to draw you to a particular cafe or to keep you staring at that poster on the wall. Simply put, good design inspires feeling. It can enhance our lives and how we feel about ourselves as we look to design to portray who we are to an audience of one or many.

I may be the graphic designer on this end of the equation, but I believe that we all have a sense of design and we know what looks good to us.  My goal is to work hard to create the look and feel that you are going for that incorporates your style and good design elements.

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Our main goal is to work with you to create the design that represents your project. We offer affordable rates for non-profits, small businesses and new businesses, as well as for individuals. Our rates reflect our commitment to community and the desire to ensure that good design can be accessible.

We will provide you a full estimate so that you can understand the costs prior to work beginning. I like to be as up front as possible about costs and process so that my (potential) clients can make whatever informed decision they need to.

Pushcart Design is completely committed to making your design goals a reality, so please email us today.