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In the 1930's as a part of the New Deal, Roosevelt created the WPA - The Works Progress Administration, employing many unemployed folks, including artists. I love how WPA posters were the equivalent of public service announcements of the 30's. They served multiple purposes - providing jobs to artists during the depression and community conscious advertising.

The posters supported Victory Gardens, health care, our national parks and taking safety precautions at work. The art work is a dignified, simple style - putting the power in the strength of the images and words. The New Deal and the WPA provided thousands of important, creative jobs for the unemployed or underemployed. I believe that this program that is much needed today.

My WPA posters

My WPA series use similar design sensibilities and attempt to recreate the same kind of messages that benefited the public during the 1930's. You can purchase posters by contacting me or looking at my store.