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I have always been drawn to documentation. I've found that over the years, my desire to capture and ability to find the natural moments of beauty have resulted in exceptional pictures that provide the essence of what is in front of me.

Whether you are getting married and want to document the before, after and during, are looking for some natural and beautiful shots of your new child, or creating a sculpture and want some exceptional photos of your process for you or your client, I'm your person.

While most portrait style photography is done in a studio with perfect lighting and all too dull white/grey backgrounds, I do a photo shoot in YOUR space. We work together to document your artistic process in a way that feels natural and comfortable to you, but gives great attention to your work and style and results in over a 100 images for you to use at your disposal for art and marketing

I take my equipment to your space and work with you to see what you want documented. I do what every photographer does, I observe the tiny details of how you get your work done and turn it into a vibrant, meaningful story. I work with a digital SLR camera and multiple film cameras.

We can negotiate a fee depending on how many hours you’d like me there and if you’d like to document a process from start to finish over a period of time.

You get a flash drive or CD of any of the photos that you would like.

I’m a purist with a real practical understanding of why digital is a preference of choice for my clients. In addition to the digital images from the shoot, I will print you one black and white photo of your choice in a 11x14 format. If you would like other photos printed, we can work out a bundle deal.

There is absolutely nothing like a quality, fine art print of you making your art. While digital is fast, print actually captivates the raw quality of the space.

I've been a featured photographer in the SUN Magazine multiple times. I've also shown my photography at the Cricket Engine Gallery in Oakland, the Living Room Gallery and at Berkeley City College in Oakland.

More updates coming soon.

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