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I’m full of heart, and ready to put my skills to work! 


The name Pushcart Design is an homage to stories told by my grandma Gladys, who came to this country in 1920 at age 10, and settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. At 15, she dropped out of school and went to work in a factory sweatshop to support her family. I credit my devotion to social justice and the belief that good design can change the world to her. Thank you, Gladys.

In my grandma Gladys’ world, pushcart peddlers were trusted mobile local merchants with strong entrepreneurial and DIY (do it yourself) spirits. Their services, whether providing household staples at the turn of the 20th century, or graphic design services today, bridge the gap between their customers and the outside world.

I have


The beauty of my design shop is that I get to choose what I work on. By hiring me, you can be assured that I love being a designer, and I care about my clients’ goals as well as creating design that makes a positive impact in our community.

My strong suit is


As a small business owner and long-time non-profit worker, I am able to put myself in your shoes and help you figure out what design will best serve you (now and in the future). Partnering with me means that I can understand where you are coming from, that I’ve been there before, and look forward to growing with you.

I believe in


I believe community and the relationships between people are the strongest bonds that we can build. I believe that we create to survive, and that what we create needs to benefit our communities, our cities, our towns, our world. My commitment is to working with my clients to visualize this idea.

Eva Silverman

Who am I? I am a deep believer in justice. A serious dog lover who will stop to meet any dog on the street if their owner obliges. Lifelong 3rd basewoman. Passionate fighter for the underdog, since I was a kid. Granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, granddaughter of sweatshop workers. Daughter of a music-lover who ran every single day, and had a closet full of vinyl, and a refugee who loved baking, both kids of Brooklyn. 

Music lover who earned my chops as a teenager playing in a punk band, writing a zine, and seeing shows at places like CBGB’s. I bring curiosity, and a deep desire to live, create, and connect authentically. This feeds my soul.

My version of paradise is a hammock, or a natural hot spring, or walking the streets, exploring a new city.

As a Designer

I started Pushcart Design In 2008, after many years in the non-profit world. I can look back at the zine I created as a teenager, the show flyers I made in college, and the award-winning website that I helped design in my mid-20’s, as pathways of my own trajectory, but the truth is, I fell in love with design and it swept me off my feet.


I’ve built my business with a strong foundation: I listen to my clients’ needs, I offer hands-on personalized support, clean design, and I love what I do.


My passion and commitment is to working with small businesses and non-profits, and my niche as a designer is honing my clients’ message and design aesthetic in order to best serve their organizations, and increase interest and exposure.


I look forward to working with YOU!


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