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When you partner with me, I invest in the well-being and success of your organization. We develop a strong sense of how to move the organization forward together.

I can show you the benefits of having someone onboard who knows the ins and outs of your design needs at an intimate level. Your materials will be consistent, clear, and well-designed. Plus, hiring me lifts time constraints from your staff and keeps your design professional and top-notch.

Fix School Discipline

In my words, FSD supports alternatives to zero-tolerance discipline policies responsible for suspending kids and putting them on a school-to-prison-pipeline. They work at a statewide level, introducing legislature supportive of alternative discipline policies, and at a school and district-wide level, providing resources to teachers, students and community members, who are looking to change discriminatory discipline policies.


I started working for FSD in February of 2012 when they were looking to re-design their website and contract with someone who could handle their web and print design needs, social media posts, and occasional blogging. I work with them under a yearly contract, and on a weekly basis, generally provide 8-10 hours of communications work per week, and bill them monthly for this work. Our arrangement offers flexibility for them: some months their needs might be greater, and others less so. The on-going schedule allows me to plan ahead for their needs.


Working with FSD on an on-going basis, I have formed a deep knowledge of how the organization works, what their design and communications-related needs are, and can take leadership on different projects in order to forward their goals.


Lyric is a San Francisco LGBTQQ youth organization. Their vision is a diverse society where LGBTQQ youth are embraced for who they are and encouraged to be who they want to be. By working towards social justice and supporting young leaders, their families and allies, LYRIC is building a world that honors, respects and appreciates LGBTQQ youth and their contributions.


I began working with Lyric on a logo re-design in 2015 through a friend and design client (with another organization) who had recently been hired. Since then, I’ve worked on numerous design projects for Lyric, using this new branding that we created together, to inform all future design projects.


Our partnership is on a per-project basis, rather than a yearly contract or a monthly agreement. I provide my design services when they need it, and I invoice them when the project is completed. This structure is typical of many of my clients, however, I highlight them because of the consistent nature of the work that I for Lyric.

As a queer person, I feel a special pride and responsibility in being able to work with the youth in my community.