Unleash your creativity!
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Unleash your creativity!

Unleash your creativity!

When’s the last time you reached out to learn something new?

What do you guys do to unleash your creativity? As a designer, I am lucky enough to get to be creative on the regular. But, over the past 5 months I’ve found a new way to unleash my creativity: pottery.

Without geeking out too much about it, let’s just say that learning and loving a new form of creativity at this point in my life, feels like a true gift. It’s tangible, has nothing to do with a screen, I get to feel the clay slip beneath my hands, use my muscles to work it, and form it into shapes with the most subtle and not-so-subtle movements.


Plus, it helps with the buddhist ideas of non-attachment, perfection, letting go and starting anew. You literally can not be attached to the outcome, because, especially as a beginner, you could easily destroy what you are making.


Cheers to all of you creators out there. Attaching a few photos of the pieces that I am feeling proud of these days. Plus, me, covered in clay on a very hot day in Berkeley.

Shout out to The Potters Studio for being so awesome.